Sunday, June 20, 2010

Welcome opening!!

First Batch

*kindly be informed all items are brand new one..stock are limited,first come first serve basis..serious buyers are welcome.please don't feel hesitate..any inquiry do contact me.

                  item :polka black(top)
                     code : 117a
                     price : RM 30     RM 28
                     100 % cotton.(fit size s to l) 
                                 SOLD- LISA

    *also come with 3 more colours as shown below :-

                       item :polka orange(top)
                  code : 117a
                  price : RM 30  RM 25 ONLY!!

                       item :polka maroon (top)
                  code :117a
                  price : RM 30  
                       item :polka pink (top)
                  code :117a
                  price : RM 30    RM25 ONLY!!
  *suggestion to wear only,cardigan are not come together guys ^.^


                       item :gaga tshirt
                  code : -
                  price : RM28   rm 25
* available in 2 colours white and pink(stretchable,cotton)
                  item :zebra girl 
                  code :015
                  price : RM28    RM 25
***(stretchable,cotton)*available in two colours as shown above

love blouse

                              item : blouse love green n pink
                              code : 60941
                              price : RM 45 RM 40 ONLY!!

*belt is not included,TQ.


  1. ayu..lawalaaa..muehheeee..ley order ngn ko kan..xde discount eaa...model tuh cm ko jer ayu!!!

  2. oney haha xde la aku seramping itu..ko perli baek punye